Individual hunting with guide 2019

Experiences that become memories for life! In Sweden, you are never far from amazing experiences beyond the ordinary. This hunt is 1 to 1 guided in one of the big bulls area of Swedish Lapland.

We schedule this hunt when the bulls are in the rut and we will mainly hunt by calling/luring.

To hunt bear and elk with a guide with dog is extremely exciting and challenging.

Moose stalking 
For 2 person on 5 day hunting hunting with a guide 1:1 during the rut in the north part of Sweden, included food (Breakfast, Lunch and dinner, accommodation, guide, modern cottage with electricity, TV, shower, WC kitchen WiFi, 170 kilometers from airport.

Or primitive nice accommodation in the hunting area but in the wilderness (about 280 kilometers from airport) wood-heeting cottage wood-fired sauna, only 12v electricity, outhouse, water you bing from the river, this is a special experience in itself.
Both hunting areas are located north of the Arctic Circle
Price per person €3995
Transfer from and to Lulea Airport

Drink: No alkohol
The best time is the first week of October.


Trophy Fee per moose as below:

  • 0-5 points €1550
  • 6-10 points €2000
  • 11-14 Points €2500
  • Bulls with more than 14 points then €165 per points.
  • feemail Moose €1100
  • Calves €750