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Welcome to Sweden!

Sweden is a country rich in opportunities; from the Arctic beauty of the North with its midnight sun, to the castles of the southernmost
province Skåne with its more continental flavor. Visitors to Northern Sweden can experience the frozen thrills of the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi,
dog sledging, ice fishing, snowmobiling and more. Further South, visitors can enjoy the 1,680 miles of coastline with tens of thousands of
islands to explore.

Welcome to our world! ”Garden of Sweden”

Blekinge called Garden of Sweden for the amazing variety of nature, and the wonderful archipelago. The landscape has a great variety and
wealth of nature and a mild climate. The archipelago charms with bays and nearly one thousand islands and as many lakes. Blekinge do go
to easily by plane, boat, train, bus or car to. Ronneby Airport is located in Blekinge.

We at Allaround Tours will help you to get a wonderful and fantastic experience in Blekinge.


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